Yvette Marie Tziallas

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Yvette Marie Tziallas, Visual artist, designer and mural artist

YMT, also known as Yvette Marie Tziallas, is a Southern Highlands Based Visual artist, designer and mural artist. Yvette has exhibited extensively since 2008 in a number of group and solo shows around Australia and overseas, with her work featuring in various magazine and book publications. Her mural pieces have been featured around Australia in both public and private commissioned spaces, most notably the curated Melbourne laneway projects, as well as working in various festivals as a live mural artist.

Her art style reflects an abstracted perception of how natural forms, such as the human body, are constructed using the smallest of cells, molecules and particles to form large multi-functioning organisms, which she reinterprets with pen to paper.

There is a balance between design, mark making, and her obsessive detailing with the structures and formation of human anatomy, its composition, construction and her dissection of it. Her works echo personal stories and memories with symbols, patterns and themes that are appropriated from the cross-cultural abundance that influences and surrounds her.

YMT’s drawings are visual statements on the human condition, exploring our ephemerality, our genetic faults and predispositions. They notion sexuality, and unmask the beauty in the grotesque and morbid. Her work is an expression of the unconscious, a catharsis for themes only aptly represented visually. Amongst the themes embedded in her work is the constant exploration and dissecting of self.

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