Phoebe Middleton

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Phoebe Middleton, Printmaker

Phoebe Middleton is a printmaker with a background in animation, television graphics and illustration. Graduating from Underdale, South Australian School of Design (University of South Australia) with a Bachelor of Design, she has been creating images professionally for almost three decades.

A love of printmaking was rekindled on seeing works of Tasmanian printmakers in Hobart where Phoebe lived for many years, creating and working in galleries. She was drawn to their large-scale, adventurous and experimental images. Not restricting themselves to traditional techniques and regimental editioning. The Tasmanians chose vivid hand colouring, tearing, reworking, cutting and replacing. The results were dramatic and exciting and a strong influence on Phoebe’s printmaking direction.

After refreshing her printmaking skills at Larq Studios, Queenstown and Printmaking Diploma in Hobart she began exhibiting large graphic linocut prints throughout Tasmania and Melbourne.

2012 ‘Silver Rabbits of Betsy Island’ was acquired by the Australian National Gallery and her works began appearing in collections though out Australia and internationally.

2013 saw a returned to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, where Phoebe currently creates for galleries and exhibitions nationally.

Photography by Ashley Mackevicious

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