Penny Simons

Find Ink Brush Willow right at the front of the SHAC

Penny Simons, Maker & Designer

Penny Simons is an award winning Sculpture/Weaver living and working in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

She was one of the founding partners of “Cloth”, a Sydney based bespoke business producing hand printed and constructed textiles. Prior to this, Penny gained a BA Hons. in Constructed Textiles, majoring in Weaving, from Winchester School of Art, England.

Penny has been making with willow for the last 7 years and previous to this studied and worked in the field of biodynamics, permaculture, landscape design, craft and horticulture. Her work to date has been about the cross pollination of all these art forms, and the effect that this work can have on our awareness of the natural environment.

She is currently working on a collection of work based on themes about the positive, unconditional aspects of the female mother archetype and Mother Nature. Interwoven with these concepts are themes about “Nature vs Rubbish”. This work aims to promote awareness about our natural world and the destruction of our environment by pollution, waste and consumerism. It however still embodies the beauty and bounty seen in Nature and aims to be aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Most of the works are made from “weedy” willow, other elements from nature such as pods, seeds and nuts, leaves, feathers, dried flowers, and up-cycled rubbish and marine debris, all foraged by the artist. She leaves a zero environmental footprint in the creation of her work.

Pennys work:“Leaping Hare” (currently on display in her new shared studio in Robertson) recently won First prize at Ryde SWAP 2018 (Sustainable Waste Art Prize) and Third prize in the Royal Easter Show 2018.

Penny runs workshops at Glenmore House (near Camden), North Sydney Community Centre and at her new shared studio: Ink, Brush,Willow, in Robertson NSW.

She also runs luxury weekend retreats focused on reconnecting with nature, on a fabulous property, also in the Southern Highlands.

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