Penelope McManus

Find Ink Brush Willow right at the front of the SHAC

Penelope McManus, Painter

Spending most of her life living in rural southern NSW, Penelope has always sought inspiration and refuge in the Australian bush. It’s where she feels most connected to herself and creativity.

Her paintings are inspired observations of the landscape she lives in at High Range NSW, surrounded by National Parks and wild, remote native forests and gorges.

Penelope has always loved colour and her paintings reflect her use of bold, strong tones; “It’s what feels natural to me”.

For Penelope there is nothing more thrilling than breathing life onto a blank canvas. As the creative process takes place the relationship between the painting and herself is profound, as if the painting and artist are talking to one another – “creating something we both want to bring to life”. It’s the mystery of the creative process which inspires Penelope to paint.

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