Neil Boughton

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Neil Boughton, Potter

Neil Boughton is a renowned potter and artist who has been producing works of art for over 35 years. He specialises in Raku.

More an autodidact than an academician, I have been making ceramics professionally since 1979 when I worked for Studio Tichy and Partners.

Always asking the question “What happens if I do this?” and the best answer is “Just do it!”. The spontaneity of Raku firing has been my favoured technique for many years. I have incorporated the use of inglaze lustre in this process. I also enjoy teaching and have conducted numerous glazing and firing days for Ceramics societies.

Forever a proud dilettante, I have explored many media including steel, wood, paint, glass and am currently playing with and developing some metal casting techniques.

My work is in many private collections.

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