Brooke & Colin Munro

Find Mr & Mrs Munro right at the front of the SHAC

Mr & Mrs Munro

Mr & Mrs Munro are, to their friends, Colin and Brooke. Colin has spent his life working with natural materials, bringing his affection for them into his work building spaces for people to live in. Brooke studied and mastered basketry techniques early in life, and has turned that knowledge, combined with a natural affinity for the outdoors, into contemporary expressions of that art.

Together, Mr & Mrs Munro produce unique ‘Mr’ & ‘Mrs’ pieces in their individual mediums, while also collaborating on joint sculptural forms that represent the coming together of the both of them. Passionate about sustainability, Mr & Mrs Munro pieces are primarily constructed from found object – but little is limited by that (it’s amazing what you can find when you look hard enough).

And while all of that may sound a bit wanky – blame the writer – for it is the softness and sympathy of their work that bares the greatest fruit. It is honest, rare, beautiful, and real.

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